Facilitation Resources

by | 4.12.2022

As soom of you my fellow might now I’m passionate about the topics New Work and Innovation and facilitating problemsolving processes that help teams to reach a certain goal.

In this living document I collect and share useful resources that also might help you and your team to work better together: With more compassion, creativity, intelligence, inclusion and fun.

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Facilitation Practices

Design Thinking / UX / Service Design

Design Methods

User Research Methods

User Research Articles

User Research Tools

Brainstorming Techniques


Participatory Design / Co-Design / Co-Creation


Design Ethics

Social, Circular, Sustainable & Design Practices

Design Sprint

Theory U & Presencing

Liberating Structures

The Art of Hosting

Future Research

Citizen Participation

Visual Practices



Workshop Hacks

Organizational Design & New Work

New Work

Organizational Transformation

Team Development

Warm-Ups / Ice-Breaker / Energizer

Check-In / Check-Out

Community Building & Culture Design

Virtual Community Building

Communication Culture

Non-Violent Communication

  • Nonviolent Communication: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships (by Marshal B. Rosenberg)

Feedback Culture

Better Meetings

Decision Making

Project Management


Project Planning

Kanban & Scrum


Remote Collaboration & Culture

Working Remote

Remote Workshop Tools

Remote Facilitation

Remote Culture

Virtual Communication

Remote Tools

Remote Workshop Toolboxes

Meeting & Workshop Timer

Timer Applications

Scheduling appointments

Text Tools

Collaborative Whiteboard

Project Management

OKR Management

Collective Decision Making

Video Conferencing / Synchronous Communication

Asynchronous Communication

Webcam Tools

Live Participation

Virtal Conferences & Events

Presentation Tools

Business Modelling & Strategic Product Design

Business Modelling for Solopreneurs

I can highly recommend all books by Ehrenfried & Brigitte Conta Gromberg (all german only)

  • Business Model Produktreppe
  • Die Zeit der Smarten Experten
  • Solopreneur
  • Smart Business Concepts


Personal Growth & Potential Development


  • The Element (by Ken Robinson)
  • Finding Your Element (by Ken Robinson)
  • Designing Your Life (by Bill Burnett, Dave Evans)
  • What Color Is Your Parachute (by Richard Nelson Bolles)

Tools for Self Reflection